Electrical Product Certification

SAI Global Product Certification offers a wide range of certification schemes tailored for electrical products.rn

Meet Regulatory Requirements with SAI Global Certification

Independently demonstrate your products meet the appropriate Australian or International Standard to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Electrical Products Standards and Schemes

5 Ticks StandardsMark™ Certification

The ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™ on a product is an independent assurance to the customer that the product has undergone a rigorous audit and testing program.

Electrical Type Test

Electrical Type Test certification is a System 1 certification scheme. This Scheme is recognised as an ‘External Approval Scheme’ by the Minister of Fair Trading NSW. Through this Scheme manufacturers can demonstrate product safety compliance as required by the Electrical Product Regulators in Australia and New Zealand. Under this Scheme, the minimum requirements are testing of product samples by independent accredited laboratories and assessment of test reports.

IECQ HSPM (Hazardous Substance Process Management) QC 080000

IECQ HSPM (Hazardous Substance Process Management) QC 080000 is a framework for the management of hazardous substances control and defines the requirements for establishing processes that identify and control any introduction of hazardous substances into electronic products. QC 080000 was developed using ISO 9001:2000 as the framework. With QC 080000, organisations can implement a HSPM system to cover the key requirements of various global directives (such as RoHS and WEEE) by using a single document.

ANZEx (MP87.2) Recognised Service Facility Scheme

ANZEx (MP87.2) Recognised Service Facility Scheme has been designed to help organisations demonstrate commitment to the safe overhaul and repair of electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres. Obtaining certification through the SAI Global ANZEx (MP87.2) Recognised Service Facility Scheme will provide assurance to stakeholders of your concern for the safety issues relating to your activities. Please note that ISO 9001 certification is a pre-requisite to gaining ANZEx (MP87.2) Recognised Service Facility Scheme certification.