5 Ticks StandardsMark™ Certification

The ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™ on a product is an independent assurance to the customer that the product has undergone a rigorous audit and testing program.

77% of consumers agreed that the five ticks logo meant a product could be trusted.

70% of consumers used quality indicators to help them select products.

StandardsMark™ Certification Scheme

The ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark™ is Australia’s most recognised certification mark providing competitive advantage and differentiation to each product carrying this mark.

The StandardsMark™ Scheme requires annual audits of the manufacturing site in addition to the product type testing according to the relevant standard.
What is Product Certification?

Types of Product Certification Systems offered by Intertek SAI Global:

System 5 Certification is where compliance is achieved through an on-site factory assessment of the manufacturing processes as well as type testing of product samples. Ongoing certification is also required and involves factory surveillance audits to ensure that maintenance of the manufacturing process is occurring.

System 2/ 3 Certification is where compliance to the relevant standard is confirmed through type testing of product samples, together with final product inspection/review conducted in the marketplace or at the place of manufacture. An example is the Gas Safety certification scheme.

System 1 Certification is commonly referred to as ‘type test certification’, whereby product samples are sent to a recognised test laboratory to be evaluated against the relevant standard’s test requirements.

What Is Included?

This scheme involves initial product type testing, followed by assessment, regular production batch testing, and evaluation of your company’s manufacturing processes to ensure continual compliance.

Design Verification

Sample(s) of the product are assessed for compliance with the relevant product specification or standard (also known as type testing).

Document Review

The documented quality plan for the design and manufacture of the product is reviewed to ensure appropriate controls are in place to address risks to designated standards or specifications.

Quality Plan Implementation

On-site assessment by Intertek SAI Global’s independent experts ensures the quality plan is effectively implemented in practice to achieve ongoing compliance.

Ongoing Assessment

Regular assessments, both of the product itself in batch production, and of the manufacturing site, verify that quality plans are being maintained and the product continues to comply with the standard.