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RC 14001 – Responsible Care

While ISO 14001 focuses on environmental matters, the RC 14001 scope expands to address environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) concerns.

SAI Global was among the first certification bodies to achieve accreditation for RC 14001, and is actively conducting certifications for organizations in the United States and internationally.

What Is It?

RC14001 integrates the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® requirements with those of ISO 14001.

RC14001 enables organizations to implement a management system that conforms to both the ISO 14001 and Responsible Care® requirements.The Responsible Care initiative is implemented in more than 50 nations and is led by members of the International Council of Chemical Associations.Its structure is identical to ISO 14001, and in most cases simply expands an environmental mandate into an EHS&S requirement.
Responsible Care Management Systems ®

RCMS embodies the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles and Codes of Management Practice and transforms them into the traditional Plan-Do-Check-Act management system cycle. Its aim is to prevent accidents, injuries or harm to the environment.

Key components of RCMS include policy and leadership, planning, implementation, performance measurement and management review.

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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard prescribing a structured approach to environmental protection. It enables organisations of all sizes to develop and implement policies to deliver environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices.

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A Partner You Can Trust

If your goal is to ensure that your management systems are achieving your expectations by playing a pivotal role in your current and future excellence, then SAI Global can partner with you. Our certification services will ensure that your systems are working effectively while generating value and credibility.

SAI Global can be instrumental in the success of your RC14001 management system. Our auditors are trained, capable and motivated to bring value and credibility to your responsible care system, while assessing its conformity to RC14001. Your auditors will have the necessary chemical sector and environmental, health and safety experience to meet SAI Global’s commitment of Advancing Business Excellence.

A unique feature that SAI Global offers its customers and auditors is the support from a dedicated Environmental Technical Manager. John Fraser ensures SAI Global’s on-going accreditation and technical competency by supporting customers, auditors, standards bodies and others inside and outside SAI Global

Additional questions about the standard may be directed to John Fraser at (800) 465-3717.