BPIR Verification Scheme (NZ)

Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) are a comprehensive set of requirements. These requirements are stipulated by MBIE (New Zealand), defining the essential information and documentation necessary to be provided to consumers for designated building products.

These regulations help building product users to determine how products comply with the Building Code. It is mandatory for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers to comply with this regulation.


We understand the challenges businesses face in navigating the complex landscape of Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) compliance. Our comprehensive BPIR services are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient compliance for your organisation.


The BPIR regulations only apply to designated building products that are manufactured in or imported into Aotearoa New Zealand on or after 11 December 2023. This is underpinned by 3 main components:

1. Product Specifications

Detailed information about the product’s composition, dimensions, and technical attributes.

2. Building Code Compliance

Documentation confirming how it is expected the product will contribute to relevant Building Code clauses.  For example this may be via relevant test reports or certifications.

3. Comprehensive Data

From installation instructions to maintenance guidelines, BPIR covers all aspects of a building product’s lifecycle.

Need more information on how BPIR Verification Scheme can help you and your business?

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There are a number of benefits however, the 3 main benefits are:

Expert Guidance and Comprehensive Support:

• Comprehensively covers all regulatory requirements to sell products into the New Zealand market.

• Fixed, once-off pricing for the two-year application that covers the initial verification and listing for 2 years.

• Partnership with the highly experienced Intertek SAI Global team that will provide expert guidance throughout the compliance journey.

Ongoing Support and Regular Reviews:

• Dedicated Client Management from the Intertek SAI Global Team

• Continuous assistance in maintaining BPIR compliance.

Accessibility and Verification:

• Valid Intertek SAI Global Certificates will be available on our website for easy verification and reference by the public on the <a href=”https://register.saiglobal.com/”>Intertek SAI Global Certification Register</a>

• Ability to promote your certificate on your marketing material as having been assessed by Intertek SAI Global


BPIR Guide to Applicants

A comprehensive summary on how to apply and why BPIR is important for you and your organisation.

BPIR Client Checklist

This detailed checklist helps you get started and lists what all you need to do to achieve a BPIR Verification.

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