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Human Service Quality Framework (HSQF)

The HSQF provides an integrated approach to the quality assessment of disability and human services in QLD.

The program replaces the QLD Disability Service Standards, Standards for Community Services and the Child Safety Service Standards.

Key Benefits

Meet Compliance Requirements

By ensuring your organisation complies with the requirements of the HSQF, you will meet a key obligation of your funding agreement with the Queensland Government.

Build Sustainable Business Practices

Through a strategic and systematic approach and a framework for continual improvement, alight your business to drive growth.

Keeping Clients Front of Mind

Ensure you recognise the individual needs of your clients, their families and carers, by planning and delivering services in collaboration with people using the services.

What Is It?

The HSQF is a consolidated set of standards developed for human services in Queensland.

The Standards intends to: – Develop a common and systemic approach to quality review processes – Achieve a culture of quality and continuous improvement – Establish a consistent level of quality across community and human services sectors – Ensure equity across government and non-government services – Ensure that the delivery of services is responsive to needs of people receiving services, their families and carers – Ensure that people have a say in how services are best provided to them – Strengthen safeguards for people receiving these services
Governance and Management

Achieve consistent quality-of-service through sound process controls to maximise outcomes for people using the service.

These processes need to consider the context in which they operate including compliance with relevant legislation, regulation and contractual arrangements.

Service Access

Consistently deliver accessible services by ensuring your processes remove complexity and risk in entry, exit or eligibility.

Responding to Individual Need

Reliably meet your clients’ individual needs and expectations through flexible and inclusive methodologies that respect and value their individuality.

Safety, Wellbeing and Rights

Deliver your services with sensitivity by protecting and promoting the safety, wellbeing and human and legal rights of clients using the service.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals
Support an effective continual improvement culture by fairly assessing feedback, complaints and appeals from people using the services or other relevant stakeholders.
Human Resources

Ensure effective screening and recruitment processes.

Strategically support your people with relevant induction, training and development opportunities to effectively fulfill their roles.

Audit Cycle

Service providers will need to maintain conformance against the HSQS over a three year audit cycle, with a mid-term maintenance audit conducted against four of the six standards at 18 months.

Surveillance Audits can also be conducted over a 12 monthly cycle to align with other Standards if preferred.

NDIS Remote Auditing

On March 20, 2020, SAI Global Assurance was approved to deliver NDIS audits remotely. This factsheet outlines what you need to know about remote auditing.