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e-Stewards® Standard

The e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment.

The e-Stewards® Standard has been designed to serve recyclers, re-furbishers, asset managers, processors, refiners, and re-deployment companies a rigorous, yet practical and operational criteria for globally responsible recycling and refurbishing of electronic equipment.

Key Benefits

Be Environmentally Responsible

Demonstrate you are operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, reducing the export of e-waste, and the impact it has on developing countries.

Ensure Worker Safety

The standard also ensures worker protection through extensive baseline protections and monitoring of workers and accountability for the entire recycling chain of toxic materials.

Supply Chain Assurance

Providing e-Stewards® Enterprises with a system for assuring customers that their supply chains are functioning in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

Protect Data Security & Privacy

e-Stewards Certification is open to electronics recyclers, refurbishers and processors in all developed countries.

What Is It?

The Standard was established by the Basel Action Network (BAN) in partnership with leaders in the recycling industry.

Its purpose is to provide appropriately rigorous, yet practical operational criteria for globally responsible recycling and refurbishing of electronic equipment.
Secure Data

All stored data from all devices must be destroyed.

Best Recycling Practices
Managing toxic e-waste must be done in accordance with best available practices to protect workers and the environment.
Responsible Management of Toxins
e-Stewards recyclers must track all toxic materials downstream of their facilities, account for them, and ensure proper management.
Ethical Labour
No child, coerced, or prison labour is permitted.
Legal and Responsible Exports
Exports of toxic e-waste to developing countries are not allowed in accordance with international law (Basel Convention).
Corporate-Wide Conformity

e-Stewards requires that all of the facilities and operations in each country belonging to a company are covered under the certification.

The Steps to Certification

SAI Global Assurance is proud to be an accredited e-Stewards certifier. e-Stewards is an audit program for the review of the management and traceability management of electronic waste, based upon ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and Social Accountability Standards.

  • Purchase the Standard
  • Conduct a Gap Assessment of your current systems against the e-Stewards requirements
  • Contact SAI Global to discuss requirements, timeframes and costs
  • Perform an optional pre-assessment
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Undertake a Stage 1 audit
  • Complete a detailed Stage 2 audit
  • Work according to the practices defined by your EOHSMS and look for opportunities to improve your EOHSMS and performance.
  • Conduct a Surveillance audit, of 1/4 of you EOHSMS every 6 months, or 1/2 every year.
  • Complete a re-registration audit every 3 years
  • Market for brand and promotional benefits
  • Optimise commercial teams
  • Ensure shareholder and stakeholder awareness