Fire Safety Product Certification

Demonstrate fire safety product compliance through certification with SAI Global Assurance.

Product requirements vary from market to market. Manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributors all must be aware of these requirements and be able to demonstrate to customers, regulators and shareholders that they understand and meet them.

Meet Regulatory Requirements With SAI Global Certification

Independently demonstrate your products meet the appropriate Australian or International Standard to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Fire Safety Product Standards & Schemes

rnSAI Global Product Certification offers a number of certification schemes tailored for fire safety products.

5 Ticks StandardsMark™ Certification

StandardsMark™ certification is offered by SAI Global for a large number of fire safety products for example, fire safety, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire blankets, fire detectors, fire panels, fire hose reels, fire hoses, fire hydrants, and many more.

Second Party Inspections and Assessments

Second Party Inspections and Assessments are based on the requirements of our clients, as opposed to a specific Standard. The compliance can be to a process or to a product, against an agreed specification. The purpose of a second party inspection and assessment is to provide the customer with objective evidence of compliance to a specification, as agreed between customer and supplier.