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AS 4707 Chain of Custody for Forest Products

The Australian Standard® for Chain of Custody of raw materials from the forest to the consumer.

AS 4707 provides all organisations in the wood or wood products certification chain with the minimum criteria and requirements to implement a credible system.

What Is It?

The Australian Standard for Chain of Custody of Forest Products (AS 4707).

Consumers are becoming more aware of the products and services they select and their impact on the environment.This system tracks wood or wood products originating from certified forests through all phases of ownership, transportation and manufacturing to the end consumer.
AFS and PEFC Chain of Custody
This certification allows Forest Managers and Timber Processors to apply to the AFS to use the AFS & PEFC Chain of Custody logo and label on timber products harvested under the scheme, which can be carried right through to the consumer.
Integrated Audits

SAI Global is poised to further coordinate and integrate the approach to your audit. Your audit will focus on ensuring your system is designed to manage your operations, whether they need to meet the requirements of the Australian Forestry Standard, Australian Forestry Standard Chain of Custody or both at the same time. SAI Global can also integrate these management system audits with other requirements, whether they be health & safety, environment-related or your related to your reputation for quality.