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New gold standard training courses now available in New Zealand

New gold standard training courses now available in New Zealand

Our team have recently visited our customers in New Zealand, and we can see that businesses are keen to demonstrate their commitment to quality, OHS, food safety and the environment.

We see that New Zealand businesses are aiming for worldwide recognition by adhering to the ISO standards, and have called on Intertek SAI Global to verify their systems and processes to global standards.

Professionals in New Zealand have well established buisness practices, and are looking to expand their certifications across auditing, quality management, leadership and environmental management.

That’s why we are offering our most highly requested internal auditing training, HACCP refresher and food safety auditing training in person in Auckland this August.

Our mission is to safeguard your success 

At Intertek SAI Global, we embed compliance and quality assurance into your organisation’s processes and culture to help keep your most valuable assets – your customers – safe.  

All over the world, our clients rely on us to help increase the transparency, relevance, safety, and value of the offerings they take to market.  

We do this by assuring key disciplines such as operational efficiency and processes, product quality, and workplace safety and wellbeing.  

Our training and assurance programs help ensure that your people, processes, and technologies continue to perform at the highest level expected by all stakeholders. 

Businesses are seeking triple certification across OHS, EMS and QMS 

We work with existing clients who are keen to grow their Management Systems and Certifications to include quality, safety, environment and information management. These businesses want triple certification across QMS, OHS, EMS and even ISMS to demonstrate to their customers their commitment to their people, and the planet. 

In-person training, in Auckland

That’s why we are offering the following training in Auckland in August.

To upskill professionals to the highest ISO standards, we are offering the following courses:

Internal Auditor Training ISO 19011:2018 NZ

Gain a holistic view of internal auditing, with the opportunity to practically apply internal auditing processes which are suited to all management systems, including best practice models across a variety of industries.

  • 19 August 2024, with Quality Assurance Expert, Ronnie Gurung
  • This course runs for 2 Days, in Auckland, NZ

HACCP Refresher NZ

Enhance your understanding of the food safety environment in which we operate, the Codex Principles of HACCP and the development and review of a documented HACCP Plan.

  • 23 August 2024, with Food Safety expert, Ronnie Gurung
  • This course runs for 1 day, in Auckland, NZ

Internal Food Safety Auditor ISO22000:2018 & ISO19011:2018 NZ

Establish the knowledge and skills required to conduct an internal food safety audit against any GFSI-approved food safety standard. Participant will also learn the skills and knowledge required to assess compliance against an approved food safety program.

  • 21 August 2024, with Food Safety expert, Ronnie Gurung
  • This course runs for 2 days in Auckland, NZ

Join the next wave of professional training in Auckland

To make the most of in-person training in Auckland, we have invited expert facilitators to run these sessions. Don’t miss out, as places are limited, so be sure to secure your seat at the next training session.

Prefer something more tailored and exclusive to your organisation?

We have a full suite of training courses available if you have a particular course in mind for your team. Reach out to our sales team and we can arrange an expert trainer to visit your business, to deliver courses for your team.

Speak to an expert to find out more.

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